Nemos Pequenos


For the past year Nautilus has been supporting this great foundation that helps children in Mozambique to learn how to swim and appreciate their surrounding environment.

We would like to now think that all our customers can get involved in this amazing project.




Today, 60% of Mozambique’s 28 million people live near the ocean. Many of them depend on the ocean for their livelihood, which places significant pressure on this unique marine environment and its resources.


In spite of this proximity, most Mozambicans fear the ocean, and the majority cannot swim. Each year, countless drowning fatalities occur along the coastline, as people risk their lives on a daily basis to provide for their families. 


As half of Mozambique’s population is under 18, there is great opportunity for positive change. Through our Future Ocean Guardians programme, we hope to enable the new generation to safely enjoy the ocean and encourage them to protect the marine environment.

MMF’s Future Ocean Guardians Programme:


Learn together, Act together, Protect tomorrow


We are encouraging conservation through education. Nemos Pequenos is an integrated marine conservation, swimming and water safety program aimed to raise Ocean Guardians who understand and cherish their ocean.  Through our programme, the local children are learning about the importance of sustainability in the classroom and swimming outside of it. We hold weekly swimming classes, as well as Saturday activities, such as beach clean ups, to inspire a generation of Future Ocean Guardians.


To date, over 1,500 Mozambicans have learned about marine conservation; 250 have learned how to swim. In total we are working with 5 schools.




Educate youth about marine life

Empower locals in the water

Inspire people to connect with the ocean

Encourage marine conservation

Ocean Guardian Values


OCEAN GUARDIANS are: Confident, Passionate, Skilled, Pro-active, Teachers  OCEAN GUARDIANS BELIEVE IN: Learning, Community, Action, Protection

OCEAN GUARDIANS: Honor their environment, Speak up, Lead, Inform, Inspire, Create Change, Develop harmony


What value does this program have for our community?

Currently, marine education is not included in the national curriculum. Local tutors run the programme to ensure its relevance and effectiveness for the kids.

Through these lessons, the children begin to appreciate the link between people and the ocean. They learn the essential skills that will help save countless lives every year by preventing drowning. The children also increase their awareness of the marine environment, how to live with it and protect it. By providing these classes, we are building the capacity for local communities to conduct sustainable fishing and marine eco-tourism for years to come. 



"Before learning how to Swim I didnt feel safe but now I feel free!"

"Before starting with my swimming classes I felt useless because I grew up by the sea and wasn’t able to enjoy it. Now I feel safe thanks to the opportunity I had with Nemos Pequenos program."



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